Nectar is the evolution of social media, built with positive values that unite us. Privacy. Freedom of expression. Integrity. Trust. Social change. Care for people and the planet.

Together, we are a conscious social community for authentic expression, meaningful connection, personal growth, and social impact. An all-in-one conscious lifestyle app for more joyful living.
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Built with Love
Nectar is creating a fundamental shift by building social technology with heart intelligence and love, to create a more harmonious, balanced, and thriving society.
Conscious Network
Our network is guided by conscious intentions, purpose, and agreements to create positive impact for individuals and the collective.
A Trusted Platform
Transparent policies, robust privacy features, and clear community agreements ensure a safe space.
Learning Culture
Browse meaningful and inspiring content around your interests and passions, or take online courses and workshops that help you evolve along your path.
Freedom of Expression
No more fear of whether big brother approves of your speech, photo, or cause. Nectar is committed to providing a safe space for art, expression, changemaking, positive sexuality, and truth.
Real World Connection
Connect with mindful activity partners in the real world. Go for a hike, drop in over tea, or share a meal.
Powerful Business Tools
PRO accounts include a business profile with your own mini web page, content channel, discussion groups, events, offers, and more!
Social Impact
Everything we do is rooted in our mission of personal and collective evolution. We’re committing significant resources to providing tools and funding to support causes, nonprofits, and collective solutions.

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Our Roadmap

January 2018


Nectar, LLC founded in Boulder, Colorado by Tom and Eros, to create a next level conscious social network.

June 2018


Nectar Project introduced to our community, and mini crowdfunding raise.

July 2018


With only two weeks notice, the Nectar App was rapidly deployed with custom conference tools, including profiles, chat, schedule, events, and discussion group.

March 2019


Nectar surpasses 500 members as we roll out and test Nectar Alpha, Nectar PRO accounts, and a fresh new design.

October 2019


Nectar simplifies plans, pricing, and features to build our member base.



Launching a suite of tools for organizing movements for social impact, from grassroots to global initiatives.

As we scale, we'll be incorporating our nonprofit charitable giving arm for funding social causes!

Team Members

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Eros Rosenfield

Eros is a former Inc 500 CEO and designer who's founded and scaled successful businesses through innovative product designs in hydroponics (EzHydroKit), consumer audio (JLab Audio), and fashion (BOQARI).

His superpowers are creative design, systems hacking, radiating love, building community, and healing (Sacred Touch). For 10 years he's held the vision of a next level social network to truly serve the evolution of humanity. He was introduced to Tom in 2017, and through their strongly aligned values and vision, they co-founded Nectar.

He moved to Boulder in 2013, and is also a writer, visual artist, amateur musician, and avid snowboarder.

Member Photo
Tom Bassett

Tom is a world class full stack developer. His app frameworks have been used by millions of people in nearly 1,000 world class events around the world, including the New York, San Francisco, and Chicago Marathons. He has a background in Chemical Engineering, Industrial Automation, Evolutionary Biology, Full Stack Web Development, and has a penchant for marrying spiritual, scientific, and philosophical perspectives.

His superpowers are programming, listening, dreaming, heart weaving, integrity, and childlike playfulness.

He moved to Boulder in 2014 and enjoys spinning poi, slacklining, snowboarding, and playing high level racquetball.

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Great question!

Building and running a social app requires paying livable salaries to a team of good people for design, coding, customer service, etc. as well as costs for server space, legal services, software, accounting, etc. Other “free” social sites fund their operating costs by:

  • Selling the ads that fill your feed
  • By throttling the reach of your posts to sell you boosts
  • By mining and selling your personal data to advertisers and third parties, including your personal chat messages, your internet browsing, your location history, etc

Nectar is shifting that paradigm:

  • Our content is ad-free for a more pure experience.  
  • We don’t throttle your posts to sell you boosts.
  • We’re committed to protecting your privacy and your personal data, and will never sell it!  
  • We’re focused on building better tools instead of figuring out how to squeeze more profit from ads.
  • And Nectar gives back up to 50% of revenue and profit to community and impact.

So, in order to fund our operating costs, we need to charge a nominal amount for membership.  For $5/mo (the price of a cup of coffee), personal accounts include a suite of apps designed to improve and enrich your quality of life in a variety of ways and to replace apps that you might be currently paying for.

For PRO accounts, $10/mo (the price of a salad) gets you a personal account, a business page, a robust suite of business tools, and better audience reach, without paid ads! How much is one new client or customer worth?

We continue to explore the best business structure to enable the greatest positive impact for our members, team, investors, and the planet.  Part of our mission is to generate much needed resources for social and environmental causes, projects, and solutions incubation.  We’ve decided to operate the app itself as a B-Corp or ‘For Public Benefit Corp’.  This empowers us to generate our own resources for business expenses, salaries, investor repayment, founder equity, as well as giving back to social impact causes.  We anticipate forming a nonprofit once we have sufficient resources.

By supporting Nectar, you're helping to co-create the better world we all know is possible. We’re creating change, not billionaires!

Nectar currently uses a custom front end app framework (html, css, and javascript) that’s been honed for over 5 years.  Its initial implementation and battle testing came from over a million users from the marathon and triathlon running communities.  It’s designed to balance adaptability and resilience.

We love and support decentralized internet, but right now we don’t feel the current technology supports a robust social network and mobile app use. We’re constantly tracking new web technology and we’re committed to utilizing the most appropriate and secure tech at all times. Nectar will evolve along with Web 3.0.  We currently support the evolution of platforms like Holochain, EOS, and Daplie and are excited to integrate new technology as it evolves.

Nectar uses up-to-date security standards for our infrastructure.  All important information is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption and all information is transmitted over HTTPS - the same standard that banks use.  We use world class providers for server hosting, email sending, content hosting, and distribution, and have very granular control over both what ports are open and who has access to these servers.  We also redundantly store data across different cloud providers to ensure no data is lost.  Our database is also encrypted at rest and provides near real-time backups to ensure data is not lost.

Yes, and we’re continuing to explore options.  Freedom of speech and information is a core value for us, and it’s our goal to provide the safest and most secure platform and community that we can for our international members.

Nectar supports alternative and digital currency technology! We are exploring both a platform-based utility token for memberships, channel subscriptions, peer to peer payments, and affiliate commissions, and an STO (Securitized Token Offering) as a democratic investment opportunity.  Our goal is a safe, stable, and legal alternative currency that can be used by as many people as possible.

Nectar has been founder and community funded since the beginning. We are contemplating a Seed investment round in Q2, 2019 with aligned investors who demonstrate they strongly share Nectar’s values of creating community and positive social impact.