A conscious network for meaningful connection and positive impact.

This is the moment our social technology awakens.

It opens its eyes and says, yes, we are more than a profit machine for billionaires.

We are an intelligent network of beautiful souls, united by shared purpose.

Let’s step forward and claim our collective power.

Let’s infuse our social technology with love.

Let’s organize our knowledge, wisdom, and resources to help us grow, evolve, and fulfill our potential.

Together, we can transform the world!


Apps like Facebook are designed for maximum addiction and profit. Nectar is designed with love to serve deeper connectedness, conscious evolution, and a better world.


Trust is what allows us to feel safe to connect, express ourselves, co-create, and thrive together. Your personal info, chats, and browsing are secure, private, unmonitored, and never sold. Our invite-only membership, community agreements, and user trust ratings give you comfort that new connections share community values and integrity.


We learn and grow through authentic connection with others. Nectar is designed to create more real world connection around interests, activities, hobbies, passions, and causes. Whether you’d like to hike, work out, host a dinner, watch a movie, cowork, do some acro yoga, change the world, or just hang out, Nectar helps you make a great connection!


It’s time to create a culture of love, safety, and oneness that can heal the collective wounds of people, genders, religions, nations, and the planet. Nectar is creating the tools to help us create positive, healing, unified culture.


We prioritize the evolution of global systems to provide a sustainable quality of life and a healthy planet for all living beings. Nectar is evolving our social technology by providing tools for gathering scalable feedback on what’s working and what’s not, and for coordinating social impact movements.


Every human on earth has the right to safety, health, nourishing food, clean water and air, shelter, justice, community, expression, connection, and respect. We believe we can promote and support global human rights through empowering access to information, knowledge, and wisdom through sophisticated curation, search, organizing, and sharing tools.


We’re creating change, not billionaires. By supporting Nectar, you’re co-creating local abundance and a mother fund for social and environmental projects. Every member earns Nectar crypto for helping to grow the platform. It’s instant profit sharing! Use it to support people, projects, and causes in your community. Make instant payments with no fees. Access special offers for yoga, massage, or local dining. Trade your time for Nectar. Stable value, and redeemable for USD.


Our social impact network supports projects from local initiatives to global NGO’s with exposure, resources, and organizational tools. Once we have sufficient funding, we’ll start a Nectar Incubator for impact startups.


Envision the benefits of organizing and sharing our collective knowledge! Our Living Library organizes and delivers all the best information and knowledge available so it's easy to find, using hashtags, keywords, and up votes.


Personal growth creates collective evolution. Nectar helps you connect with the people, wisdom, workshops, mentors, and healers to continue on your growth path. Enjoy new mini apps and streams on meditation, yoga, chakras, astrology, wellness, time management, authentic relating, and connect with others around goals, accountability, and support.


How would you like to evolve the world? By amplifying ideas, wisdom, and grassroots movements, we can innovate and evolve our world together.


Sharing resources improves our quality of life while minimizing our environmental footprint. Nectar allows you to search, find, and share a ride, a tool, a book, or a house right from the app.


We celebrate all forms of artistic expression to reflect our human experience and inspire growth and change. Nectar will not censor expression unless it violates community maintained (not corporate) standards. Subject matter will be tagged appropriately for use with personal filter toggles to ensure everyone's safe and positive experience.


Nectar is committed to supporting creative content by honoring and protect content ownership rights. You’ll always own all of your own data, and be free to remove it whenever you like. And you’ll be the only one able to monetize your creative work.


Smarter search gives us better access to everything we need. Find a local hiking partner in their 30’s within 2 miles. Browse conscious dance events this weekend, or workshops and groups on authentic relating. Healers who practice reiki and massage and are highly rated by your community. Nearby restaurants that are vegan and gluten free. Even who’s going to be Tulum in February and a schedule of conscious offerings.


Reading and videos are better without ads, so all Nectar content is ad free. Nectar uses a new system to more meaningfully connect businesses and community through local, consent based offers and directories. If you offer massage, everyone who’s interested in massage will see your offering, and your promotions.


Our intelligent interest matching connects your offering with more people who are genuinely interested in what you do, without paid ads! Monetize your content or offering right in the app, or share it for free. Nectar’s feedback tools allow a dialog between community and business. If your restaurant is using plastic takeout containers, the community can recommend compostable alternatives. If your customers prefer organic, they can recommend local farms.


Save time. Amplify your purpose. Create custom content streams with what inspires or interests you most, be it crypto, NLP, or living in 5D, with articles and posts voted up by the community for their value. Or curate your own stream for others to subscribe to, and monetize it if you like. Use custom filters to block anything you don’t want to see.


Bookmark any content you find valuable and curate into organized folders as part of your personal Living LIbrary. Easily share great info with others. Access from anywhere.


If it’s not in the calendar, it may not happen. Make a connection in a chat and send it to your Google or other calendar right from the app! Or gather a spontaneous dinner party tomorrow night, and get an instant group list of dietary preferences. Easy scheduling provides more real world connection!
Member Photo
Eros Rosenfield

Eros is a serial entrepreneur, Inc 500 CEO, systems hacker, and creative designer who’s passionate about conscious evolution. He’s also a healer, writer, and avid snowboarder.

Member Photo
Tom Bassett

Tom is a world class full stack developer. His app frameworks have been used by millions of people in real time, and in nearly 1,000 world class events around the world, including the New York, San Francisco, and Chicago Marathons. He has a background in Chemical Engineering, Industrial Automation, Evolutionary Biology, Full Stack Web Development, and has a penchant for marrying spiritual, scientific, and philosophical perspectives.

June-July 2018


We're so excited to introduce the Nectar Project to our community, gather your feedback, and humbly ask for your support to fund our seed round!

July 2018


Alpha members will be able to download, login, craft profiles, personal and business pages, create events, and start learning the amazing features and tools.

October 2018


As we receive feedback and complete more tools, we'll be optimizing and expanding the app.

November 2018


Official launch of the Nectar App, including our suite of tools for deeper connection.

Q1 2019


Launching a suite of tools for content sharing and greater audience reach for businesses, artists, projects, and NGO’s

Q2 2019


Launching a suite of tools for organizing movements for systems change, from grassroots to global initiatives

Q3 2019


Incorporating our nonprofit charitable giving arm for funding social causes!

Pick a plan and support nectar!

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Great question!

1. Facebook funds its budget by selling the ads that fill your feed, by throttling the reach of your posts to sell you boosts, and by mining and selling your personal data to advertisers and third parties. Nectar is ad free for a more pure experience and we won’t throttle your posts to sell you boosts. We’re committed to protecting your privacy and your personal data. We’re focused on building better tools instead of figuring out how to squeeze more profit from the platform.

2. Facebook is profit driven. It’s made Mark Zuckerberg and others obscenely rich. Nectar is designed to shift that paradigm. The majority of our profit will go to creating a mother fund for social and environmental causes, projects, and idea incubation. By supporting Nectar, you're helping to co-create the better world we all know is possible. We’re creating change, not billionaires!

3. Nectar has a free option where you volunteer one hour per month to a social impact project. Or, for $5/mo (the price of a cup of coffee), personal accounts include a suite of apps designed to improve and enrich your quality of life in a variety of ways and to replace apps that you might be currently paying for. For business accounts, $10/mo (the price of a salad) gets you a robust suite of business tools and better audience reach, without paid ads! How much is one new client or customer worth?

4. Nectar saves you time by helping you find what you want, faster. Americans spend an average of 2 hours per day on social media, scrolling through random stuff looking for the content we want, or trying to find the answer to a question. Nectar delivers that with an instant search. Whatever your time is worth, you’ll be saving way more than the cost of membership! That’s more time for enjoying the sweet Nectar of life!

We are currently exploring the best business structure to enable the greatest impact, while keeping things as simple as possible.

We’re still working to figure that out as we develop the app, build our team, and achieve funding. We want to ensure we are financially stable and paying a livable wage to our team. But we are committed to allocating a significant % of profits to important causes that align with our values for positive impact, and to continue being transparent as the company ramps up.

Nectar will be a safe, encrypted, alternative currency. While we appreciate the value and ethos of alternative currency technology, given the hyper volatility of cryptos, we don’t feel they are a sensible choice for a stable alternative method of exchange. Nectar coins will achieve many of the same alternative currency benefits, including secure, free, instant peer to peer payment, while being pegged to the most stable currency, USD or otherwise.

As of now, our ideal funding method is community crowdfunding through membership presale. We are considering convertible notes with aligned investors who demonstrate they strongly share Nectar’s values. We will not be accepting money from investors who don’t share community and social impact values.

We support decentralized internet, but right now, despite the huge blockchain buzz, we don’t feel the current tech supports or is appropriate for a robust social network. We don’t believe every post you make needs to be duplicated and reconciled across vast numbers of computers. It just doesn’t make sense. We are constantly tracking new web technology and committed to utilizing the most appropriate and secure tech at all times. Nectar will evolve along with Web 3.0. We currently support the evolution of platforms like Holochain, EOS, and Daplie and are excited to utilize new technology as it evolves.